The 10 best iPhone tricks on the planet that anyone would want to try out

On the market today, iPhone is the most selected smartphone series, but not everyone has discovered the full capabilities that this smartphone brings to the table. Today, will share with you some tricks for Iphone users.

1.Fast Lock

Locking the iPhone on the power button is one of the quickest steps in a phone’s life. You only need to go to the main screen and double-tap the screen twice that the machine will lock itself. This is an internet trick that helps you minimize the numbness your power button will eventually reach.

2. Quickly turn off the Flashlight

In every mode of the screen, users can launch Control Center and turn on the flashlight with just one touch. When the flashlight is turned on, instead of repeating the same steps to turn if off, you can do it quickly by touching the camera icon on the lock screen, and the flashlight will turn off immediately.

3. Improve Spotlight search

Enable Spotlight search to speed up your phone by going to Settings -> General -> Spotlight and uncheck the items you do not need.

4. Charge your iPhone faster

There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the phone to be recharged when tit runs out of battery power and you have business to take care of immediately, you can speed up the charging time a bit using this iPhone trick by setting your iPhone to airplane mode.

5. Adjust the iPhone using the earphones

When using genuine Apple headphones to listen to music on your iPhone, you can double-press the space between the volume buttons to switch to the next song. But when you want to move to the previous song, if someone doesn’t know how to , they will select the music app and press the back button, instead of doing that and taking a very long time, press that space three times to go to the previous song or once to play and Pause.

6. Use the Hidden Back button

In order to not waste time finding the previous operation you use, try to swipe your finger from the left edge of the iPhone or iPad, immediately the previous screen operation will appear quickly. No more than 3 seconds, isn’t it?

7. Lock metering points and auto-focus while taking photos

The iPhone will help you autofocus and change the metering point as you move the camera. To focus and gain brightness at a fixed point to adjust the composition of your photos, simply use the AE / AF lock feature available on the iOS app.

If you want to lock the focus and lock the light at any point, just touch the point on the capture interface for a few seconds until the AE / AF Lock line appears. At that time, you can freely move the camera to take better pictures.

8. Send messages to your friends while abroad

By going to Settings -> Messages then disable sending functions like SMS and activate iMessage you can enjoy sending messages to your friends abroad without spending a penny!

9. Search and install while traveling

If you want to find an app that the locals love the mst, simply go to the App Store and tap the Near Me option at the end of the Search screen and install the apps you like.

10. Find specific messages

In the latest versions of iOS, to find a specific message you want to use is very time-consuming, instead of having to re-surf the message content, just type the keywords into the search bar at the top of the messaging app interface

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