Extremely useful Excel tricks you have to learn about in your life

For office staff in general and accountants in particular, Excel is an indispensable tool in accounting work. Understanding the Excel tricks will help a lot for the promotion of work. Below are some excel tricks that can help you become more professional in the eyes of friends and colleagues.

1. Add a diagonal line in a cell

To be able to create calculated tables and analyze data, the Excel tool will always be the first thing users think of. And in the process of creating a table, it is certainly necessary to use this computer trick, usually you use it to create a diagonal line whose purpose is to divide the different attributes for a cell or any row or column.

You do the following: In the cell you to draw the diagonal line -> right-click the cell then select Format Cell > click on the Border tab, then click on the diagonal button.

2. Delete an empty cell in a data area

The data in the Excel document that you are referencing is filled up with empty cells. The blank line causes the Excel file to overturn the data location. Instead of deleting one cell at a time, you can erase all blank lines or columns to reduce time. To do so, simply use this simple computer trick by selecting the column you want to filter and go to Data -> Filter. Then, a menu pops up, uncheck Select All and select Blank. All the empty cells will be displayed immediately. Then go back and hit Delete to clear the empty cells.

3. How to add multiple new rows or columns

When adding data to an Excel spreadsheet, you need to add rows or columns as needed to add data. It would be a waste of time if you add a new row or column, you can add multiple new rows or columns of new information using this computer trick: To add x rows or x columns, drag and drop x rows (or x columns) then right-click and select Insert from the drop down menu.

4. Add comment to cells

When you work with too much data in Excel spreadsheets, you can not memorize all the information at once, so you need to make notes to make it easier to see or for others to look at. The the most simple computer trick is to select the cell you want to annotate, select the Insert / Comment menu (or right-click on the cell and choose Comment). Enter the comment for that cell. When move the mouse to the cell, a pop-up will appear with the caption you entered.

5. How to create pie charts in Excel

The pie chart is a frequent way to express things through data, with just one simple tricks you’ve made your report more scientific and engaging.

Step 1: Highlight the data to draw the chart

Step 2: Go to Insert -> select the icon of the pie chart -> select the type of chart to draw.

If you want to change the data on the spreadsheet -> the chart updates itself with that change.

+ Add other components to the chart:

Click the CHART ELEMENTS icon with the following attributes:

–  Add a title to the chart: Select Chart Title.

– Add a data label to the chart: Select Data Labels.

–  Add notes to the chart: Select Legend.

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