Computer tricks that you must “imprint in your brain” when looking for a job

Wherever you are, school, work or even small business organizations, office computing will be a great tool for you. If you master it then your work efficiency will be appreciated for its professionalism more than ever. Here are some basic computer tricks that you must remember when applying for a job.

 1. How to convert a PDF file into a Word file

You want to convert PDF to Word to copy data instead of having to retype the text and wasting your time? Try using this computer trick and everything will be so easy.

Step 1: Click Browse… to open the PDF file to convert. Continue to the PDF to convert, and select Open

Step 2: After having selected the PDF to convert, select the output format

Output formats can be: .doc, Images, Text.

To export the file in Zip format, select Get result compressed by Zip

Here I will choose the output format .doc and not tick the Get result compressed by Zip

And click Convert

Step 3: Now a window will appear asking you to save the file. Choose Save File, then click OK

Step 4: To open the converted file click on the download button in the right hand corner of the screen, next to the default Search box in the browser.

2. Remove document formatting

When you compose a Word document and pick up pieces of text from different sources, it’s likely that their formatting will be inconsistent. You only need to use a computer trick with Ctrl C -> Edit -> Paste special -> Unformatted Text. This will help you eliminate all the font formatting and links to the site. Or you can paste the texts directly into notepad.

3. Set a password for the document

You do not want others to use your computer to view important documents in Word and Excel format. The best way to set the password for these documents is with a simple computer trick by going to File -> Save As -> Tools -> Security Options (if you are using Office 2007, select General Options).

4. Insert annotations

Creating Footnote in Word helps readers understand the sources, citations, or notes you want to mention in the article. You only need to: Highlight the text you want to insert annotation -> Review tab -> New Comment. If you want to create more annotations: Still go to Review tab -> Track Changes -> Track Changes. Then you make the edits you want.

5. Automatically insert dates into the document


You are a frequent typist, text editor and text writer. Therefore, you want to have a solution so that you can quickly retrieve those documents in the pile of documents when you need them. In such cases, you simply use a simple computer trick by clicking your cursor at the location you want to insert, and then navigate to the Insert > Date and Time menu. Here you can select an insert type in the Available Formats area and then click the OK button to insert them into the location you have selected.

6. Remove notifications

To disable the sounds and message notifications of Outlook, go to Tools-> Options-> Preferences-> E-mail Options-> Advanced E-mail Options. In the When new items arrive in My Inbox, uncheck all options.

7. Tự động thao tác với macro Automate actions with macro

In Microsoft Office, the built-in Marco feature makes it easy to automate repetitive tasks. To use this feature, enable the Developer tab in Office in the upper left corner -> Word Options -> Show Developer on the Ribbon -> Developer (select action tag) -> Record (record operations and assign key or some tool button for the operations you just recorded). This feature is available in Office 2007.

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