Best altcoins for the future?

2017 is a great year for the development of cryptocurrency – so many exciting projects come up making it difficult to keep track of all of them. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the rookie altcoins contenders that are having promising growth potential to invest in.

Wings [WINGS]

One of the first cryptocurrencies to be released this year was Wings. From January to June, Wings’ popularity fluctuated incredibly often but it has recently stabilized at a capitalization of $56 million in the market.

Wings coin is based from Switzerland. This cryptocurrency provides the necessary tools to create and promote of projects whose purpose is decentralization. The project uses smart contracts and forecast markets to access projects.

Gnosis [GNO]

Coming up next is the highly reputable Gnosis. They began in February and reached high levels of demand in a short amount of time, but have slowed down or even stepped back a bit since May. The coin is now seated at a market cap of approximately $295 million.

The “Crowdsourced wisdom” platform that Gnosis powers allows anyone to speculate on any future events and earn rewards if their predictions are accurate. Gnosis also offers its own platform for creating the DApps.

Zcash [ZEC]

In the middle point of the ladder, there is Zcash posing a $378 million market cap. This cryptocurrency first made its appearance in October 2016, but its popularity only finds its boost all the way until March 2017.

Zcash is the first financial system operating based on effortless cryptography. It has an open source code and requires no permission to work with. It utilizes a special zk-SNARK proof allowing the network to boast a secured balance ledger with upmost discretion.

Zcash put the payment information under an encryption and makes use of a novel method of cryptography to verify their authenticity. As mentioned by the developers, such approach lets all involved parties send orders of transactions that are fully anonymous.

Golem [GNT]

The Golem cryptocurrency, which was created in March, takes the second place in prominence. It has reached a $400 million market cap ever since. On March 20, Golem took the 13th spot as one of the most valuable cryptocurrency and has stabilized in reputation prior to April.

Golem’s crowdfund became the second fastest any crypto coins ever witnessed – raising $8,600,000 in barely 29 minutes. Golem aims to become a gigantic global network with extreme processing power and being open sourced to the core. It can also help with cryptography work that require intensive computations.

Stratis [STRAT]

And last but not least, the golden crown goes to Stratis. This crypto coin dominated the April chart immediately after hitting the markets. In the last week of May, its market cap rocketed all the way to $1.070 billion.

Stratis is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap at the moment. This powerful Blockchain platform has a unique functionality – it provides the ability to code native apps in the C# framework bypassing any centralization. This possibility opens up a whole new playground for developers.

Additionally, Stratis enables organizations to form private Blockchains. They are formulated via sidechains. As the new suggested, they integrate seemlessly with Stratis’ main Blockchain.

The path ahead

This short list provides a quick glance into the current status of the crypto market. However, the popularity of different cryptocurrencies will never stay the same, and these ratings might change at any given moment. While the end of year is drawing near, there is still rooms for a lot more projects to come in with a bang. So, as investors, you should always keep your eyes peeled for any new developments. And we will make sure to keep you posted at all time.

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