5 simple steps to have a perfect Excel print

You feel too “fatigue” when you have to reprint the document from the excel file, only a small copy also takes up to 5, 6 sheets of paper. It takes hours to print an excel document as beautiful as you desire. To put an end to this situation, follow the simple computer trick below, which will ensure that you have a document as pretty as paintings.

Step 1: Convert the presentation into tabular form

This is seen as a “beautifying step” for your document. Even if you are an expert in excel, you will still struggle having to deal with an uncluttered mess. With this computer trick, first let’s refurbish it already. There is a computer trick in excel so that users can easily view and test content, which is to convert contents into table form. You simply highlight the contents you want and press Ctrl + L.

Then press OK, and a neat and tidy table will show up

Step 2: Select the area you want to print

Highlight the print area then go to the Page Layout tab on the toolbar and select Print Area -> Set Print Area.

Step 3: Choose “Wrap Text” for the texts in each cell to display fully

Normally the text in the cells will only line up horizontally and cannot all be seen, the computer trick you now need to use is to choose Wrap Text to automatically put the text down.

Step 4: Aligns the print page by the size and page numbers you want

This is considered to be the most important part of a beautiful and well-printed page. Take a look at your file in “Print preview mode” by pressing the Ctrl + F2 key combination.

In the Preview Group, select the Show Margins box, the alignment bars will appear. You just need to drag and drop the content to positions on the page as desired.

Also in this preview page, select Page Setup, enter your desired value in the Fit To section. For example, if you select “Fit to 1 page wide by 1 page tall” then all content will only be displayed in one page. Note that because you put all the pages back together, the content of your text will be smaller, you can choose to place the page as Landscape in the Orientation tab to have more space.

Step 5: Make the print breathtakingly beautiful

This step is for those who are really picky and want their prints to be beautiful in every centimeter.

Still in Page Setup, you select the Margin tab and select 2 items Horizontally and Vertically.

Moving to the Header/Footer tab, click Custom Header or Custom Footer to add texts, page numbers, images, etc.

So you have completed the 5 simplest steps to get a perfect print.

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